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Health Care Information Technology

As a Health Care Information Technology service and support company, we specialize in all of your medical practice software, computer and network infrastructure needs. Our experience with EMR software packages like Practice Partner, Lytec MD, and Cerner, combined with our proficiency in Microsoft networking, allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose then repair medical practice related computer issues.


Even though we specialize in Health Care Information Technology, we service multiple business fields. See what some of our clients are saying about us!

Stepping up to the plate ...


When budget cutbacks forced a smaller IT department, it left us with more responsibility and fewer resources , our innovation hit a home run!

Bottom of the 9th, bases loaded...

We automated most daily tasks to fill the void left by the lost IT staff saving money and accomplishing more!

Home Run!

Our innovative "never say die" attitude saved jobs, time and money!

What Do We Do?

Put simply, we solve computer related and networking problems. We are experienced in all aspects of business infrastructure allowing us to setup, maintain and repair your healthcare / EMR / computing / networking issues!

Problem Solved?

Slowness in EMR / EHR Attempted resolutions: None really. Network administrators, Vendors, and Microsoft all claiming it isn't their problem.

True Solution:

Our experience and knowledge led us to a combination of fixes that addressed all the original problems and prompted implementation on over 2000 servers across the United States!